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Company's history
The company "Retail Loyalty" is part of the international group of companies "INKOM". More than ten years ago, starting our practice in mobile apps creation, we didn't yet know that we would grow into a cluster that will allow us to advance in any activity field freely and overtly. Today, the Retail Loyalty company is part of a powerful, single mechanism that functions distinctly and immaculately.

Thanks to accrued experience, we confidently face the future. Possessing all the tools to achieve the best results when conducting loyalty programs, with each new project, we strive to fulfill the most demanding customers` requests. We satisfy a comprehensive range of POS-materials due to in-house production and guarantee the highest quality that meets all international standards and requirements.

We also independently create and implement all digital solutions required for a top-notch loyalty program. Our words are confirmed by hundreds of grateful reviews and over the years many clients have become our friends. Striving to be the best in every endeavor has made us professional innovators.
Sergey Komlev,
Chief Executive Officer group of companies "INKOM"
Hello! My name is Sergei Komlev, I am a Retail Loyalty founder. Today our company is developing sweepingly, entering new countries and proposing beneficial opportunities for our partners. The wide-range experience and achievements of my team make me confident that we are an integral and highly important part of the loyalty programs market. Dozens of promo campaigns and millions of happy customers under our belt. The carefully thought-out promotions mechanics, with comprehensive support from the company's experts, allows us to achieve the greatest results.

We are ready to prove our competence and expertise to you. Please Welcome.
Sergey Komlev,
Chief Executive Officer group of companies "INKOM"
Our team force
We are an efficient team of experts whose efforts always turn to productive results. We work amicably and conscientiously, showing flexibility and readiness to satisfy any customer's requests. For three years of hard work in conducting loyalty programs, we managed to hold more than twenty large-scale promotions in various countries and attain impressive results, which we can rightfully be proud of. We have dozens of accomplished international business projects in visualization and 3D modeling, hundreds of released AR and VR apps. We are ready to share our colossal experience and support you in conquering new heights.