Magic Land -
is a collectible loyalty campaign
Increasing of sales volume using magic heroes
Collect! Bring to life! Play!
Magic Lang is a campaign when a customer gets the magic magnets with the colorful and interesting heroes on them. Each magnet is interactive; customers using mobile application can bring the hero to life, which will make their children joyful.

As a result, the customers’ next purchase will be directly in your shop that will lead to increasing of sales volume.
Promotional offer mechanic
Make a purchase
A customer makes a purchase in your shop and become a participant of the action
Get the gift
According to the price in the check, a customer gets the collectible magnet
Bring to life and play
For being able to play a customer must download the free application no a tablet or a phone
Live magnets
The participant of the action mast collect the collection of all the 15 magnets* with character on them. Each character has its own animation, moreover, most of them have their own additional game.
The characters are divided into 3 collections.
* Not only magnets could be collectable, stickers and albums for stickers, chips and more could be collectible too.
Main features of the Magic Land loyalty campaign
Each magnet allows to bring the character to life in 3D using the special application on a tablet or a phone in the augmented reality.

Each character literary appears in front of you in the reality. As the target audience of our loyalty campaigns are children, we overthink the plot of the campaigns, characters, the actions in augmented reality and gameplay very carefully.
Increasing involving
For making customers more involved in our loyalty program, we use special features such as:
The Postcard - the card that contains the code for activation the application, also it is the animated coloring book.
Closed container of the prize - flowpack container does not allow a customer to see what character is inside, which bring more excitement at the moment of unpacking.
The prize - the magnet itself is the marketing tool.
The application - the application allows to bring the characters to life and play special developed games of some characters.
Sponsors' commodities
We provide you with the full amount of materials to organize sponsors’ commodities as a participant of the special offer. Sponsors’ commodities allow you to recoup the collection campaign’s investments, as the sponsor’s companies will pay you for their products to become a participant of the special offer.
Sponsor’s commodities will get the emphasizing using the highlighted price tag and the highlighting in a product catalogue that will lead to increasing the amount of consumer for the products and as a result increasing sales value.

Customers will buy exactly sponsor’s commodity because it will allow them to get more magnets on the cash desk.
Provided promo material
As a part of loyalty campaign, we provide you absolutely FOR FREE with:
Printed promotional materials
Detailed media plan
Promo site
Branded postcard stand
Control system
This application was developed in purpose of demonstrative, convenient and centralized monitoring of layout of the shopping room for each shop. It allows the superiors to see the layout checklist, how accurate each shop follows the plan and, which is the most important, without requesting a dozen of photos and without necessity to look through the great amount of files. From our side we control the correct of layout make some recommendations or edits if needed.
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Order the campaign
If you have any questions, we happily answer them and count the price and profit of loyalty campaign for your store chain