Loyalty campaign is about the real superheroes
“Live” heroes and their exiting stories for the youngest customers
Assemble your own team
Developing characters, we come up with their creative names and storyline, sending the good and instructive message. As a result the characters are interesting, easy to remember and kindle children’s interest.

According to the plot of the campaign, Megavirus the villain attacked the earth with his army of minions. Only the team of superheroes can defeat them. Children must help the superheroes by assembling the whole team. Each character’s story is unique and teaches the right things such as: sport, healthy way of life, support to others and kindness.
Clear mechanic is the success of the campaign
The main aspect of the success of any special offer is the clear mechanic, so the rules of the special offer are extremely easy to understand. Making a purchase for each 10$ in the cheque the customer gets the prize. The prize is the colorful, opaque flowpack with the one of the “live” sticker of the superhero inside. Each character could be made alive using a phone or a tablet. To do so you need to download the special application “vegetables-superheroes” it is free and is available on the App Store and Google Play.
The understanding of the special offer by customers increases their interest and stimulates the increasing of the sales volume.
Get “live” sticker for each 8$ in the check
Open the pack with the sticker, stick the hero on the place and learn his story.
Make the character alive and help him fight Megavirus and his minions.
Branded comic book
We have created a comic to increase the involving to the special offer and make the collector’s effect stronger. The comic represents the backstory of the the special offer and also tells the background of each character. Each page of the comic has a blank space colored grey for children to fill the gray space with the colorful "live" sticker and to read the story about characters.

The comic is not given for the certain amount in the cheque; customers must buy it by themselves. For the purpose of attending the attention to the comic we have created a colorful stands with the huge amount of comic books of their shelves. One or two stands will be given for each shop depending on its area. Moreover, the stands solve the problem of overloading of the counter, and attract the attention of each customer.
“Live” stickers
There are 15 characters in the “Vegetables-superheroes” team. Each of them has the unique backstory. Each sticker is in the opaque flowpack and the participant doesn’t know which character will be found this time.
In average, 50 packs are needed to assemble them all.
Download, bring to life, win!
We introduce a free mobile app «Vegetables-superheroes». This app increases involving and remains about special offer, moreover, children will be more interested, because, using this app they can bring each character to life using AR, interact with it and play fascinating game which consists of 90 levels. The game is a classical variant of a “three in a row” game but in the style of the special offer.

As soon as the child brings the hero to life the game starts. Defeating the minions the child gets the score. The scores are calculated and the player can see his own score and the total score of all players. As the certain score will be reached, the cartoon on the main website will appear and will show how the heroes managed to defeat the Megavirus.
Sponsor’s commodities
We provide you with the full amount of materials to organize sponsors’ commodities as a participant of the special offer. Sponsors’ commodities allow you to recoup the collection campaign’s investments, as the sponsor’s companies will pay you for their products to become a participant of the special offer.

Sponsor’s commodities will get the emphasizing using the highlighted price tag and the highlighting in a product catalogue that will lead to increasing the amount of consumer for the products and as a result increasing sales value. Customers will buy exactly sponsor’s commodity because it will allow them to get more stickers on the cash desk.
Control system
This application was developed in purpose of demonstrative, convenient and centralized monitoring of layout of the shopping room for each shop. It allows the superiors to see the layout checklist, how accurate each shop follows the plan and, which is the most important, without requesting a dozen of photos and without necessity to look through the great amount of files. From our side we control the correct of layout make some recommendations or edits if needed.
Take a look how we conducted the training session for store managers
On the training session we told about the rules of the special offer, demonstrated how the application works and answered the questions.
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