Gamified campaign Magic Land in “Udacha” store chain, Irkutsk
The name of the store chain:
“Udacha”, Irkutsk
The amount of shops
53 (the campaign was held in 21 of them)
2 month
Increasing of sales volume
Campaign's mechanic “gift for purchase” seems familiar, but with the more careful attention it appears that there is great deal of scope for work and making new solutions. How to make the familiar loyalty campaign exciting for customers and profitable for the store chain?

At the first glance, such campaigns’ idea and mechanic seem simple, but beside Retail Loyalty there are no companies, developing loyalty campaigns for the local store chains in Russia. Well-developed and proved its efficient gamified loyalty program is the offer store chains don’t want to decline.
“The decisive factor for the beginning of the partnership was a novelty - we have not got such offer yet”
Irina Britova,
marketer of “Udacha” store chain, Irkutsk comments
The company offered more than just a new format. The novelty lies in the content and the attitude to work.
The new content
The main feature of Magic Land the promo is the accent on the augmented reality (AR). This tool allows to turn the usual magnets into the “Live” stories. Children join the game with enthusiasm and motivate their parents to make more purchases because extra magnets are given for the each 7$ in the check.
The basic mechanic of the promo is a collecting the magnets of characters. There are 15 of them. They all are residents of “Magic Land”, they all have their own personality and the animation in augmented reality. Some of them are of the golden collection which means they have their own games.

The customers do not need to perform special actions to get the magnet, but customers need to buy the card with the verification code to make the characters alive. The application and games are free.
Regional store chain “Udacha”
  • First launch September 2010
  • Formats of the shops are “economy” and “supermarket”
  • The promo was held in 21 of the 53 shops
The new approach
кассиров и даже помощь в подведении итогов. Despite the fact that “Retail Loyalty” is located quite far from Irkutsk, we supported the store chain at all stages of the campaign. We provided “Udacha” the store chain with printing materials, content plan and media plan for social networks, scripts for cashiers, and even helped to summarize results.
“Efficiency, precision and interest are that we liked the most while working with Retail Loyalty”
Irina Britova noticed.
The campaign was monitored remotely contacting by phone. All the POS materials needed in promo were adapted for “Udacha” the store chain by "Retail Loyalty"
“The full kit”: support by "Retail Loyalty" the developer of the promo printing products:
1. design, manufacture and control of advertising for walls, floor and ceiling;

2. website of full terms of the promotion;

3. easy-to-understand video telling the youngest customers about promo mechanic;

4. informing the store chain staff about the campaign;

5. media plan and content plan for social networks for the duration of the promo;

6. control and constant interaction with the company's marketer;

7. summarizing and analyzing the results using a survey of buyers by promoters at each stage of promotional campaign.
The first results the customers’ involving to promo were noticed by the store chain stuff in a week after launch the promo. Although it was planned to give the magnets away within 2 month (from September, 25 to November, 25), the magnets runout 1,5 weeks before the deadline.

The main indicator was the increasing the average price check and sales volume for 5%. That is a good result comparing with the statistic of federal store chains. According to the official states such campaigns increase federal store chains’ sale volume for 3%.

Irkutsk is not the first city ”Magic Land” the promo was held in. This promo was held in 3 cities at the same time. Before this it proved its efficiency in Penza city (read more about “Karavan” the store chain in previous case)
Managers of the store chain of Irkutsk were satisfied with the results of the promo. The company’s profit increased.The results were summarized and now the negotiations about the next gamified loyalty campaign in Irkutsk are in progress. Watch the news!